Blue Raincoat Theatre Company will host the 7th annual Blue Raincoat Theatre Academy 9th - 27th January 2018

The Academy provides multi-disciplinary training for all artists and performers. 

Workshops will take place at The Factory Performance Space, Lower Quay St., Sligo.

Please note all workshops are sold out.


MOVEMENT (8th – 12th January 2018) (NOW SOLD OUT)

This workshop involves training in the discipline of Corporeal Mime.

Developed by Etienne Decroux, Corporeal Mime accentuates the vital importance of the body and physical action on stage. He created this method and technique for creative performers who wish to transform their ideas into a physical reality. Corporeal Mime assists the actor to become more autonomous in creating metaphor-based physical theatre pieces while heightening physical awareness for traditional performance by increasing the actor's strength, agility, flexibility and control.

Corinne Soum, Co-Artistic Director of Theatre de L'Ange Fou and one  of the last assistants of Etienne Decroux will lead this workshop covering Technique, Repertoire, Composition and Improvisation.

Tutor (click name for bio)

Corinne Soum


Movement Workshop Fee: €250


VOICE  (15th – 19th January 2018)

 Voice Training and Development are explored through the methodologies and techniques of the Roy Hart International Voice Centre, France.

The pedagogic approach of Roy Hart Training begins with the premise that each individual voice is unique. There is no singular established method rather the training is a disciplined exploration guided by the teacher releasing sources of energy and imagination to open the voice, to realise its potential. Roy Hart teaching workshops have been developed based on a history of more than 80 years of research, study and practice of the human voice.

Tutor (click name for bio)

Senior Teacher at the Roy Hart Centre, David Goldsworthy will conduct this 5 day workshop.

Areas covered included:

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing & Projection
  • Breath Control
  • Resonance development
  • Pitch and Tone development
  • Individual Vocal Study

Voice Workshop Fee: €250


Blue Raincoat Theatre Academy Masterclasses 2018 

Conall Morrison  - Director & Writer

Conall Morrison leads a Masterclass for both actors and playwrights exploring narrative in the theatre: how the actor can fully animate it and how the writer can structure and subvert it. The duel focus of the workshop with actors and playwrights working together allows for a full exploration of the rich range of narrative possibilities within theatre.

One day masterclass - 20th January 2018 (NOW SOLD OUT)

Fee: €80


Micheal Keegan-Dolan - Director & Choreographer

Michael Keegan-Dolan will share some of the processes of work which he has developed with dancers, singers, actors and musicians over the last twenty years, identifying practices that may be useful for future creative endeavours. Focusing on the act of doing, participants and tutor will work with different elemental and energetic dynamics, explore the skillful use of the senses and their application to work, rhythm and musicality.

Two day workshop - 27th & 28th January 2018 (NOW SOLD OUT)

Fee: €150



Low cost accommodation available for the enrolled participants at a nearby Hostel chosen by the Academy. Please contact us for details.



Please contact John Carty by email or telephone. Candidates can participate in one or more of the events scheduled. 

Tel: 071 9170431

E-mail:  (mark email: FAO John Carty)

Please note places are limited and payment must be received in full before place is secure.

Payment is non - refundable.