At Swim Two Birds.
"One beginning and one ending for a book was a thing I did not agree with" announces the unnamed narrator (Sandra O'Malley) in Blue Raincoat Theatre Company's adaptation of Flann O'Brien's debut novel, setting in train parallel narratives in which the characters conspire against the narrator to free themselves from his tyranny. The Sligo company gives O'Brien's literary acrobatics exuberant treatment, with Jocelyn Clarke's adaptation of the text invested with a boisterous knockabout verve. As directed by Niall Henry, the tale explodes out of a sedate opening into a frenzy of semi-hysterical clowning that belies the precision beneath its meticulous choreography. O'Malley John Carty, Ciaran McCauley, Kellie Hughes and Fiona McGeown each play a number of roles which results in the blending narratives benefiting from a cross-pollination of characterisation. O'Malley's performance is towering, however, and all the more comic for the studied indifference her character affects in the face of her characters rebellion.
Declan Burke.
Sunday Times

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