One by one the people of a small rural town turn into rampaging rhinoceroses. Can the louche Berenger cling to the scraps of his humanity when the town Logician, the Grocer, the Humanist, the ubiquitous Old Lady and even his closest friend Jean, are sprouting horns and turning a distasteful shade of grey.

Written by Eugene Ionesco

Directed by Niall Henry

Blue Raincoat Ensemble John Carty, Kellie Hughes, Ciaran McCauley, Fiona McGeown, Sandra O Malley with Bob Kelly

Designed by Jamie Vartan

Lighting Design Michael Cummins

Sound Design Joe Hunt

Rhinoceros Masks Bettina Seitz & Phoebe Seitz-Henry

Opened at The Factory Performance Space, Sligo, October 26th - November 6th 2010.

Download Souvenir Programme PDF (1.7mb)

Photography Dickon Whitehead

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